Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fossil Shell

Fossils, gemstones, minerals, rocks, shells, etc. of any kind are a huge inspiration for me. This is my very first Photoshop project which I have to keep as a reminder for...alot  of stuff.(I feel like I am in Kindergarden right now for saying that!) The fossil in the middle came from the Arabian penisula. Its about 50 million years old...

Desert Fossil

Entering the (next) Matrix

One may or may not notice the lapse in postings but I thought I would breathe new life into this blog by sharing some of the projects (and some other ~deep thoughts~) I have been working on. Learning to navigate the matrix of photoshop and merging it with old style real time mediums has been a task I have been wanting to embark on for quite sometime. The time has here I go...

Exercises in Surface Design

Ellipse Eggs on Grass Plaid
This is my first digital manipulation ever...its almost as exciting for me as watching my babes take their first steps...OMG