Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting Back on the Road: 1982-2015

Okay, with a new burst of energy, I am getting back on my creative track, but with a different perspective through the eyes and language of PS and AI. It is The Creative Road I deviated from when I had to prioritize being a full time mom, parenting partner and provider with my husband Michael for our amazing two daughters, Selah and Marta. Planets, fossils, rocks, astronomy, astrology have been my muses since I was twentyish. And spheres... Over the years, I've made them in many ways...I collect them. We all deserve to have at least one obsession! The above photo is of an original 4' x 6' batik I created in 1982 that I am now working to digitally recreate... Photoshop where were you when I was in college? I am finding my new voice speaking this digital language.

These are some bad quality photos I found (...and camera phones where were you?) of a few experimental sculptural pieces from my senior art show in college. I won the Senior Art Award that year... St. Mary's College of Maryland April,1983. Oh I was just a babe then!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One Small Step...

So this was an extremely fun project #patternbombing with Make it in Design. Several years ago, I happened to be on campus at Purdue University at my daughter Marta's (#15) soccer game the weekend Neil Armstrong died.  It was  extremely touching to witness the various students stand before his statue, placing their displays that were beautiful, grateful, and filled with hope. I was very inspired to use this for my project. And I aspired to make a reference not only to space exploration but to an expansion of consciousness the world is desperately in need of. I am continually amazed at the feats of space travel. I will never forget watching Neil Armstrong live taking those first steps on the moon. Recently, I have been following the comet landing, the Pluto flyby and the Hubble telescope. The clipping mask was composed various objects I have collected and photographed: sea shell bits, spheres of sandstone from Colorado, ocean jasper from Madagascar, glass tiled garden ornament, flowers from my Datura plant. Actually this is a very big step for me, to get inside this computer. Enjoy!